PUNCH MY FACE - Youtuber Edition

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  • PUNCH MY FACE - Youtuber Edition
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  • Heather Alexander
    Heather Alexander 07 дней отворотти-поворотти

    No don"t do it to jacksepticeye

  • magical unicorns are awesome
    magical unicorns are awesome 0 месяца отступать

    he has a big beard

  • Brailey Christensen
    Brailey Christensen 0 месяца отдавать


  • FifthArrow11 YT
    FifthArrow11 YT 0 месяца обратно +1

    Oh my god Ken ur serious blah blah blah. (just kidding)

  • Kiote roblox
    Kiote roblox 0 месяца обратно

    you should of don ben or meryl your snakes

  • thugpikachu3965
    thugpikachu3965 0 месяца отворотти-поворотти

    Who"s the 0th one?

  • lps kit kat
    lps kit kat 0 месяцев взад

    my dad is a bearded villans

  • Escalon Variety
    Escalon Variety 0 месяцев обратно

    Ken"s love story

  • Angery Cat
    Angery Cat 0 месяцев взад

    So many angry fan girls... Jesus

  • Ambyth Cosplay
    Ambyth Cosplay 0 месяцев отдавать

    a year late. kens beard is goals

  • Felma Lagos
    Felma Lagos 0 месяцев взад

    do you hate jacksepticeye

  • Sarah Moss
    Sarah Moss 0 месяцев взад

    f _ _k you

  • Sarah Moss
    Sarah Moss 0 месяцев отворотти-поворотти

    f_ _ K YOU ASS HOLL

  • letucis he sadovska
    letucis he sadovska 0 месяцев отступать

    yu so cooool mark stopib

  • Dale Collins
    Dale Collins 0 месяцев взад

    evel evel

  • Lifeissweet19
    Lifeissweet19 0 месяцев отступать

    Haha I love Pewds and Mark. I love you too Ken. You are just as awesome as they are if not more so. Stay toasty ;)

  • Izzyfoxiiclaws
    Izzyfoxiiclaws 0 месяцев обратно +1

    you will always be sexy cinnomentoastken.

  • DaDerpyUnicorn
    DaDerpyUnicorn 0 месяцев обратно +12

    Who else died at "your Asian-German nipples Mark"

  • xXChickenBeansXx
    xXChickenBeansXx 0 месяцев обратно

    Ken, i know you have done a video with h20delirious"s real face.

    • LostSoulz567
      LostSoulz567 0 месяцев отдавать

      xXChickenBeansXx really now.... -_-

  • xXsphorrerXx
    xXsphorrerXx 0 месяцев обратно

    when he said Asian German nipples *my thought I hate you cause I"m German*

  • Vicente Vlogs
    Vicente Vlogs 0 месяцев отступать

    Savage Ken HAHAHA I LOVE IT <3

  • Wesley Mitchell
    Wesley Mitchell 0 месяцев взад

    (When I saw Jack and mark and felix get hurt) SUCK MY DICK SUCK MY DICK

  • Gamerkid52
    Gamerkid52 0 месяцев обратно

    ken let the puppy win on purpouse.

  • Kleyten Korstad
    Kleyten Korstad 0 месяцев обратно

    How am I just now seeing this wonderful work of art? BOOBS ON BOOBS!!!! I mean Jesus... Pure awesomeness. Straight up ⬆️

  • The crazy crew
    The crazy crew 00 месяцев отворотти-поворотти +3

    not mark he is to hot

  • ToTheMaxx
    ToTheMaxx 00 месяцев отворотти-поворотти +1

    Moo you killed Marksy and JackJack.....

  • Danh Huynh
    Danh Huynh 00 месяцев обратно


  • Dopamine Media
    Dopamine Media 00 месяцев взад +3

    Darkipliar needs to be a recurring character.

  • Faith Johnson
    Faith Johnson 00 месяцев отдавать

    You are a monster Ken 😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • Faith Johnson
    Faith Johnson 00 месяцев вспять

    nooo not Jack,piwdiepie,morck nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Breña Buckaloo
    Breña Buckaloo 00 месяцев отдавать


  • Ashley Browning
    Ashley Browning 00 месяцев отворотти-поворотти

    what the f**** did every youtuber do to YOU?!

    • The Laughing Jack
      The Laughing Jack 0 месяцев обратно

      Ashley Browning He announces all of it jokingly

  • gamer lover
    gamer lover 00 месяцев отворотти-поворотти

    no Hertz Jack on my watch

  • Abigail septiceye
    Abigail septiceye 00 месяцев отступать

    Please don"t Ken

  • David Morrissey
    David Morrissey 00 месяцев обратно

    you are.

  • Sithkiller411
    Sithkiller411 00 месяцев взад

    Keniplier is real!

  • NaMe Of A pErSoN
    NaMe Of A pErSoN 00 месяцев отдавать

    NO MARKIPLIER, PEWDS so hurt ahahaha

  • FlowerShy
    FlowerShy 00 месяцев отступать

    No.Body.Hits.Pewds ON MY WATCH

    • Toxic Kitten
      Toxic Kitten 0 месяцев взад

      it"s just a game. calm your nipples.

  • YaimaCR
    YaimaCR 01 месяцев обратно +1

    No. One. Hurts. Jack. UNDER MY WATCH *Dies of fangirling anger

  • Bonnie x Chica
    Bonnie x Chica 01 месяцев отдавать

    What did cutiepie do to you ?????huh????? why?why?just why???????🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • GTAGammer22
    GTAGammer22 01 месяцев вспять +2

    Its MY Birthday Thanks CinnamonToastKen

    • .:EmoDere:.
      .:EmoDere:. 0 месяцев взад

      Happy Birthday a month late xD

  • Randy Bray
    Randy Bray 01 месяцев отдавать +1


  • CookieCatIsHere
    CookieCatIsHere 01 месяцев отступать

    i knew jack was gonna be somewhere in this video
    is thar bad?

    • CookieCatIsHere
      CookieCatIsHere 01 месяцев вспять

      everyones butthurt while im sitting here like "why is pewds black?"

  • foxymofo 0288
    foxymofo 0288 01 месяцев отступать

    ken plz stop oh yeah u so sexy oh yeah I"m not gay

  • Mal Septiceye
    Mal Septiceye 01 месяцев взад

    he brought darkiplier in this

  • Zombie Lover1429
    Zombie Lover1429 Год отступать +1

    NO! NOT JACK!!!

  • Zombie Lover1429
    Zombie Lover1429 Год взад +3

    NO!!!! NOT MARK!!!!!!

  • Barbara Carballo
    Barbara Carballo Год отворотти-поворотти

    NO WON PUNCH MY MARKIMOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alif Raya
      Alif Raya 01 месяцев вспять

      Hes not yours,youre nobody

  • Kyoya Ootori
    Kyoya Ootori Год взад

    This got so personal

  • chickenman chickens
    chickenman chickens Год вспять

    i could only wonder if he is really taking out anger on here XD

  • Kristina Bryans
    Kristina Bryans Год вспять

    are you saying nova or nogla

  • Katsumi_Fujimori Nuriku_Akaru

    Dude your still hot I mean really your hot

  • Brittany Brad
    Brittany Brad Год отступать

    Ken..you good?

  • TheSpawnOfYouTube
    TheSpawnOfYouTube Год вспять

    i had to stop at mark... *haz heart broken* *cries* (i really wanna finish watching tho lol)

  • Kelly Smith
    Kelly Smith Год отдавать

    I guessed Jacks face

  • Dano Solace
    Dano Solace Год обратно +1

    lol I thought : plz don"t be Mark it"s Mark plz don"t be pewds its pewds dont be jack its jack! lol

  • Dano Solace
    Dano Solace Год вспять

    lol I thought : plz don"t be Mark it"s Mark plz don"t be pewds its pewds dont be jack its jack! lol

    BADRANG4EVER Год обратно

    this video is so perfect XD

  • Radioactive Pugman
    Radioactive Pugman Год вспять +1

    u r better than them all exept dantdm you two are the same awseomeness

  • cool gurl
    cool gurl Год отступать

    I can"t believe I"m saying this, but Ken is a bigger dork than I am XD

  • LegitCatz360 Jonathan Can Tan

    NoobToastKen, I"m your hater.
    MLG Version: NubT045tK3n, 0"m ur h8r.

  • Angel Melton
    Angel Melton Год обратно +1

    This always happens to YouTubers way to often. the popular guys will ALWAYS get the attention even though the lesser guys were the originals

  • Moya Love
    Moya Love Год взад

    I"m like a year too late but Ken is hella sexy wut

  • Rose. Games
    Rose. Games Год отворотти-поворотти


  • MuffetTheDestroyer
    MuffetTheDestroyer Год отдавать +1


  • Bradley Mastalier
    Bradley Mastalier Год отступать

    ken its raceist because hes irish and your irish accsent is terrible

  • AmberNelson Games / Frisk
    AmberNelson Games / Frisk Год отступать

    WHY PEWDS BLACK?! Also.. u r sexy!!

    • AmberNelson Games / Frisk
      AmberNelson Games / Frisk Год взад

      I dont remember posting that.. I had been hacked a few weeks ago so that could be why it says I commented that. I dont say stuff like that.

  • Yonkie Yudha
    Yonkie Yudha Год отдавать

    just kidding

  • Yonkie Yudha
    Yonkie Yudha Год вспять


  • Yonkie Yudha
    Yonkie Yudha Год отдавать

    kenapa kamu mempunyai berewok?

  • Rose Field
    Rose Field Год отступать


  • PopularGamer Choi
    PopularGamer Choi Год взад +1

    dammit ken dont hit marzia

  • Mazinkaizer SKL
    Mazinkaizer SKL Год отступать

    That beard that was kawaii

  • Undead Key
    Undead Key Год отдавать +2

    i love ken cry and minx why they just have 0m sub @@ so sad T_T

  • Crazy Gamer
    Crazy Gamer Год взад

    I hate you

  • Mei VicPat
    Mei VicPat Год отступать

    oh god boobs are attacking!

  • Unusual BobMan
    Unusual BobMan Год отворотти-поворотти

    How could you hurt Jacksepticeye!? cri cri cri cri. R.I.P Jacksepticeye Whenever he was born-When this video was made.

  • Alison Kilburn
    Alison Kilburn Год вспять

    Using my moms account #rebel king
    And I"m a dude but I have to admit those are some big boobs
    So dannnnnnng girl 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Josh Fun :3
    Josh Fun :3 Год обратно +1

    after mark sees this vid:
    The scariest foxy ever!!! XD

  • jax sama
    jax sama Год взад +12

    leaves channel to see who markiplier is and never comes back

  • The XxBunnyGirlxX
    The XxBunnyGirlxX Год отдавать

    There all gonna hit you

  • John Patrick Salazar
    John Patrick Salazar Год отдавать

    markipliers body is he-man

  • ricardo lustosa
    ricardo lustosa Год отступать

    You talk eat too much

  • Morgan Pona
    Morgan Pona Год взад

    why markiplier😬😬😬😬😬

  • Wendy Craig
    Wendy Craig Год отступать


  • juan sanchez
    juan sanchez Год отступать

    do dantdm

  • cookiedoodle02
    cookiedoodle02 Год вспять


  • xIsabellYayx
    xIsabellYayx Год отступать

    What. Is. Life.?

  • Sorry, Not human move along

    but Ken...........

    YOU ARE SEXY honestly ( ^ω^)

  • Splatty10 Wizard King
    Splatty10 Wizard King Год отворотти-поворотти


  • Drawer Nub
    Drawer Nub Год отворотти-поворотти

    why the dislikes? haters? people taking it too serious? or other sh1ty stuff ._.

  • Toppat Clan
    Toppat Clan Год вспять +9

    If pewdiepie play this game,maybe he use Dillon face

  • Killer Beast
    Killer Beast Год отдавать

    I beat u on that game CinnamonToastKen

  • nothanzomain
    nothanzomain Год отступать


  • GameBoy Winn
    GameBoy Winn Год вспять +4

    noo Markimo

  • rainbow queen Ballanger

    I know tjst from the frick"in start


  • Dex Games
    Dex Games Год вспять

    ken really wanted marzia to take off the stars sorry

  • Future Trunks
    Future Trunks Год взад


  • TheColinChannel
    TheColinChannel Год отдавать

    I thought he liked poods...........

  • Beastgirl Bentley
    Beastgirl Bentley Год отступать

    I love those you tubers but that is kind of funny XD


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